Jigsaw: Clothes Are for Life, Not for Landfill

Jigsaw: Clothes Are for Life, Not for Landfill

FOR life not for LandfillBritish clothing label Jigsaw has an important message for careless consumers and fast fashion chains – “clothing is for life, not for landfill!” Following on from the SS15 campaign, the established fashion brand once again wants to remind us to think consciously as consumers.

Last summer, loyal Jigsaw fans were asked to share some of their favourite pieces from

Jigsaw AW15

their wardrobe. This season, Jigsaw incorporated consumers’ most coveted items into their new collection. Some of the pieces dating back as long as 30 years.

The clever ad campaign shows models wearing clothes from the new collection, mixed with items loaned from life long Jigsaw fans’ showing the year they were purchased. In other words, Jigsaw clothes have the longevity and timelessness that is lacking in today’s fast fashion industry.

Jigsaw Man AW15

Investment pieces may cost more, but in the long run, they remain an essential wardrobe staple for years to come, rather than that bargain £5 top that you thought was great at the time, only to throw out after one wear.

“We wanted this campaign to build on the success of our ‘Style & Truth’platform by celebrating the truth that Jigsaw clothes last beautifully & are still as wearable today as they were the day they were bought.”

Well the proof is in the picture. Jigsaw clothes do last the test of time, which unfortunately is something that can’t be said for many high street trend led clothing stores today.


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