KAPDAA – Helping designers, upholsterers and mills on their way to zero waste

KAPDAA – Helping designers, upholsterers and mills on their way to zero waste

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At KAPDAA we’ve worked with award winning fashion designers, upholsterers, hotels and Saville Row tailors, re-using their fabric, leather and wallpaper offcuts to create handmade, bespoke notebooks for brand promotion and marketing. As “zero waste” brands and labels are becoming more of an industry movement, we hope to provide stylish solutions for reducing waste effectively and creatively. We’ve even worked with a designer who sent us two hundred different A4 sized fabric offcuts to create two hundred unique notebooks to give to her customers.


We offer the option of hand-printing text or logos on the inside of the front and back covers of our books along with a choice of different paper and marking ribbon colours. This way, we give our clients something that is completely unique to them, from the offcuts or waste used, to their brand ethos and motto printed inside the notebooks.

Often, our clients choose to offer the notebooks at trade shows. Being more stylish and interesting than a business card this makes the books marketing, PR and social responsibility all rolled into one.


Alternatively, some of our clients have chosen to sell the notebooks to extend their product range or give them out as gifts to complement their designs, giving their customers something unique. Imagine pulling out a notebook that’s covered in the same fabric your suit, dress or sofa is made from. This is another way our clients use the notebooks as a form of marketing, they become a talking point that the customer can be proud of, and create interest in the brand.



Website link: www.kapdaa.com/offcut


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