#Knowyoursource – Zady Calls for 100% Transparency in U.S Textile Industry

#Knowyoursource – Zady Calls for 100% Transparency in U.S Textile Industry

Zady FashionThe Federal Trade Commission requires the clothes we buy to be labelled with the country of origin, but in this age of fast fashion and sweatshop production, that information is just too vague for us consumers.

Fashion supply chains just aren’t that straight forward. There’s many processes to consider, such as farming, washing, dyeing, spinning, weaving, cutting and sewing, and they don’t all take place in the same countries.

Zadt LabelConsumers are still left in the dark about where there clothing comes from, but US sustainable apparel boutique Zady, is trying to change all that. Their mission is to introduce a new ethical standard that would require fashion brands to label all goods sold in the US with a ‘Sourced In’ tag, disclosing all countries within the supply chain.

Consumers will then know when their items are manufactured within the US, or if they’re manufactured in environmentally and socially conscious ways. In order to kickstart the campaign, Zady are asking all that support the idea to sign this petition, which will allow brands to reveal every aspect of their supply chains and keep us consumers in the know.

It is fact that 400% more clothing is produced than just 20 years ago, while the textile industry is responsible for 30% of industrial air pollution in China and 20% of total industrial water pollution. With the introduction of the ‘Sourced In’ tag, consumers are given the power and information to choose their wardrobes wisely. 


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