Kwambio’s 3D Printed Desk Lamp Recyles Your Old iPhone

Kwambio’s 3D Printed Desk Lamp Recyles Your Old iPhone

Kwambo Lamp 3Consumer waste is a very real and growing issue, especially when it is the trend to update your gadgets to the latest model on the market. Pushing the boundaries of contemporary design, NY based startup Kwambio and industrial designer Ivan Zhurba, has teamed up to create the 3D printed Kwambio desk lamp, which utilises old phones as the light source.

“While in its nook, the phone can be used as a lamp by turning on the flashlight feature, & since the bottom of the iPhone remains exposed, it can remain plugged into a charging cable & can even pump out some Spotify or iTunes music over Wi-Fi.”

Kwambio 2Taking retired versions of the iPhone, the 4, 4s, 5 and 5C, the mobiles are converted into light sources and audio speakers with a slick, modern structure.

The way it works is that the retired phone slots lying flat into the arm of the lamp, and therefore can radiate downwards through a thin cutout strip and onto your desk. The lamp can also double up as an iphone speaker, with a built in accoustic tunnel to amplify the sound.

A charging cable is also incorporated in the design, while the lamp will be available to order from on-demand services (such as i.materialise), as well as 3D print from your home from July-August 2015. 

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