Levi Strauss to Launch Sustainable Clothing Line

Levi Strauss to Launch Sustainable Clothing Line

Levi Strauss will be launching a line of clothes called Wellthread, in connection with their brand Dockers. The company hopes to slow the pace of fast fashion with a completely sustainable line of clothing described as

“A smart, sustainable design that increases the durability of apparel”

The idea came from Docker’s senior director Paul Dillinger, who’s goal is to promote more sustainable practices within the company. Denim production uses a huge amount of water (It takes around 1,800 gallons to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of  jeans). Learning from their past Waterless collection, the brand will be using the same cold water and salt free dying processes, while the collection overall will save a substantial amount of energy and water.

Through this sustainable initiative Dillinger aims to reduce the environmental impact in manufacturing, as well as improve worker’s well-beings in the factories they buy from in Bangladesh.  Durability and responsibility are the main factors to achieve this goal.

“creating lasting value that consumers can wear through the passage of seasons.”

For Dillinger, the Wellthread collection is about good quality clothing that transcends trends and has lasting value. Even down to the little details, such as designing locker loops on khakis and overlapped shoulder seams on shoulders to enable hang drying. 

The Wellthread collection will be released in Spring 2014. 




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