Livia Firth to Create Ethical Clothing Line for M&S

Livia Firth to Create Ethical Clothing Line for M&S

Livia Firth Green DressSustainable fashion expert Livia Firth is to collaborate once again with British supermarket M&S, but this time Firth will be responsible for all creative vision, as rather than curating an existing collection, she has designed her own ethical clothing line from scratch.

Firth is more than happy to work with the retail giant once again, which meets her high standards when it comes to all things eco friendly.

Livia Firth Bags“The reason I partnered with M&S is because you can almost say that there is a ‘green thread’ which runs through all they do.”

The collection, which also includes accessories, is specially designed to save energy, reduce waste and use less water. Inspired by Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, it’s LiviaFirth Blackno wonder the collection takes a refined look, with clean lines and soft, feminine silhouettes – interchangeable, timeless pieces to rotate and mix and match in your wardrobe for years to come.

“These are classic, timeless pieces that anyone, regardless of shape & age, can wear & keep forever. Transcending seasons & also occasions – going from work to a party for example & changing the look with different accessories.”

All conscious consumers can rest assured, as all cotton used in this collection meets the Better Cotton Standard, where chemical pesticides, fertilisers and water are avoided.

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