L’Oreal to Test New products on 3D Printed Skin

L’Oreal to Test New products on 3D Printed Skin

L'Oreal 3D Print SkinAnimal testing is unethical and inaccurate, while taking skin samples from plastic surgery patients is costly and slow. Cosmetics company L’Oreal is turning to the latest technology in search of more sustainable practices.

By partnering with Organovo, a bio-printing company, human skin can be replicated to be used in future beauty experiments. This is achieved by using Organovo’s bioprinter which 3D prints working organs, injecting bio ink and living cells layer by layer, which develops into human skin of various ethnicities and ages.

Testing on animals is now banned within the EU, but L’Oreal wanted to go one step further than using skin samples from plastic surgery patients, (a process that has been taking place since the 80’s), to literally growing the skin themselves!

As a much cheaper and quicker process, this is a major step forward for the industry, as L’Oreal becomes the first beauty company to work with Organovo, producing hand made, cultured skin for accurate, effective testing. 



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