Luxury Eco Boutique ‘Ecoluxe’ London Opens in Marylebone

Luxury Eco Boutique ‘Ecoluxe’ London Opens in Marylebone

IMG_4073Recently, ATTYRE paid a visit to Ecoluxe‘s first and only ethical luxury fashion boutique, set in the heart of central London, York Street. Ecoluxe is a not-for-profit organisation, supported by the Mayor of London, to provide a platform for all kinds of eco-friendly fashion and accessory brands, as well as collaborating with various ecological charities.

Specialising in showcasing designs from around the world, the quaint little shop currently sells a selection of 15 designers, who all incorporate sustainability into their contemporary, innovative pieces.

IMG_4075Having only just opened, the intention is that each week, they will be refresh stock, in order to introduce other green brands who are making waves in the ethical fashion industry. Who knows – maybe one day BODO will proudly stocked on their shelves!

I had the pleasure of meeting Anna –  a buyer for the shop, who kindly gave me her business card and showed me around. I was particularly impressed with the diversity of styles I saw – from wood sourced accessories to flowing full length summer dresses with intense colours and patterns.

IMG_4077 IMG_4079

It’s only been a month or so, but I can envision great success for Ecoluxe, who have done a great job showing that ethical fashion does have a place in modern design and isn’t restricted to ‘hippie clothing’, as it once was thought of.  Recently, the industry has upped their game, and we’re starting to see some real forward thinking conscious brands come forward. Green isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle that conscious consumers are demanding more and more. Watch this space!


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