M.I.A is Face of H&M’s World Recycle Week

M.I.A is Face of H&M’s World Recycle Week

3021339-poster-p-1-mia-the-anti-brand-queen-1000x563H&M‘s latests initiative, World Recycle Week, is an extension of their garment take back scheme, which saves tonnes of items of clothing from clogging up landfills, in return for vouchers. World Recycle week, in collaboration with recording artist M.I.A, will highlight H&M’s initiative, and introduce a new music video that addresses the environmental impact of clothing waste.

World Recycle Week will take place on April 18th-24th, with a mission to gather thousands of unwanted garments to be given a new lease of life, in a bid to close the loop on fashion. M.I.A, whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, is no stranger to political issues, having sung about topics such as migration in her newest release “Borders“. H&M’s video, titled “Rehaul”, will feature a diverse cast of models, actors, dancers and social media personalities, who will all be promoting the idea of consumers donating their clothing.

krp_0186edrcThe word ‘Rehaul’ comes from the concept of haul videos, which dominate Youtube, by bloggers who share their new purchases with their subscribers. These types of videos conribute to fast fashion and over consumption. In contrast, #HMRehaul will show consumers showing viewers what clothing purchases they intend to recycle, where each item will be dropped off at H&M recycling bins in store, worldwide. So remember to clear our your wardrobe in preparation!

Your collected garments will be spun into new textile fibres, as a zero waste measure, and you’ll will receive a 30% voucher as a thank you for taking part. Since the garment take back scheme was introduced, H&M has saved a mammoth 25,000 items of clothing from landfill. But in this fast fashion industry that generates so much waste, when will it be a requirement for all high street retailers to introduce clothing recycling schemes? Let’s hope in the very near future!

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