Magpies & Peacocks Transforms Your Old Ties Into Luxury Dog Collars

Magpies & Peacocks Transforms Your Old Ties Into Luxury Dog Collars

Magpies & Peacocks CollarHouston based boutique Magpies & Peacocks is a not-for-profit with a mission to transform donated objects into innovative, repurposed, luxury accessories.

Working with artists and designers, this company creates eye-catching collections to help raise money for local organisations and promote the importance of small independent businesses.

Magpies & PeacocksSara Jane Smith moved to Houston fifteen years ago, when she  met Ashia Berry, a marketing and PR consultant from New Orleans. The pair decided to team up and build a company that would incorporate a unique sense of style, but with the ethos to bring about social good.

They decided to follow their passion and immerse themselves in the world of upcycling, using their business and design brains to breathe life into unwanted items.

“— people wanted a better path for their things. We get a lot of things people aren’t quite sure what to do with, but they want to see it given a new life. We get unique objects with a history.”

Cufflink SkateboardOur favourite pieces are the old vintage designer ties that have been stunningly transformed into statement dog collars. Other collections include a newly introduced mens line featuring pieces of old skateboards shaped and painted into quirky cufflinks and a collection called ‘To A Tee’, where old donated t-shirts are transformed into hair ties, hairbands and neckies.

Shop each collection here.

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