Makerbot’s 3D Printed Bristle Dress Brings Couture to Your Home

Makerbot’s 3D Printed Bristle Dress Brings Couture to Your Home

In an earlier post I wrote about 3D fashion pioneer Francis Bitonti and his 3D printed Verlan dress designed using the 3D Bristle Dress DetailMakerbot . He was the designer responsible for the first ever 3D printed dress modelled by Dita Von Tees’s and now Bitonti’s back and bringing couture into our own homes. Introducing the Bristle design – a dress which can be customised and printed from the comfort of our own humble abode.

The Makerbot Replicator 2 is a desktop 3D printer built especially for home use. This groundbreaking piece of technology allows customers to print the Makerbot 3D Printerdress and customise the skirt, (which is lined with faux rabbit fur), themselves using software Thingiverse

Manufactured in his Newskins Studio workshop, which teaches the art of 3D printing and computer aided design, the flexible filament dress is a work of art in itself – structured, higly detailed and a true representation of the future of fashion. Will it be seen hanging in our wardrobes (or should I say, hardrives, any time soon?)

“We were focused on dissolving the silhouette of the body into Francis Bitontithe atmosphere, we wanted the garment to be transitional.

One thing’s for sure – it’s fast fashion without the exploitation. It’s couture without the price tag. I say what’s not to love! 

To find out more about the man behind the movement, click here

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