Levi’s to Manufacture Using 100% Recycled Water

Levi’s to Manufacture Using 100% Recycled Water

Levis Recycled WaterIt’s a major breakthrough for iconic denim brand Levi Strauss, who have discovered a way  to manufacture jeans using 100% recycled water, reducing the use of natural resources in production.

Testing on 100,000 pairs of women’s jeans, and involving a new verified water recycling standard, the new earth friendly process has managed to save 12 million litres of h20, enough to fill almost five olympic sized swimming pools.

By working closely with one of their factories in southern China, Levi’s has built a sustainable system that allows the water used in manufacturing the finished product. to be treated and recovered.

Manager of environmental site and compliance assessment at Levi’s ,Reza Hosseini, states 

“As long as the water meets our standards to deliver the quality you expect from our brands, it can be recycled multiple times.” 

Recently Levi’s also committed to removing all hazardous chemicals from its supply chain by 2020, a move that branded the denim manufacturer as a ‘Detox trendsetter’, by Greenpeace.


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