How Ethical Are Your Favourite Brands? Measure Up has the Answers

How Ethical Are Your Favourite Brands? Measure Up has the Answers

Measure Up ToolNow that ethical fashion is steadily on the rise, you might just be wondering how your favourite brands measure up when it comes to your trusted high street stores. One not for profit website is working to help you figure it all out.

Measure Up  acts as a sort of ethics-ometer, helping those who want to shop more responsibly make better shopping decisions. Inspired by their trip to China and South East Asia, the team were taken aback by the mass scale industrialisation they witnessed, deciding then  that they would help to inform others on the issue.

seeing the massive-scale industrialisation taking place and talking to locals about their working conditions gave us a much clearer and often shocking picture of the origins of many of the products we buy.

High Street2The website is not affiliated with any clothing brands, so if you’re wondering how Topshop stacks up, or how responsible Reiss is, then rest assured, there are no bias or inaccurate results, just basic facts and statistics from thorough, yet unfunded research.

Measure Up allows you to compare companies, breaking it down simply by categorising each area of ethics in a straightforward chart. A green positive symbol symbolises a pass, while a red negative symbol shows a fail.

So where does your favourite store fall? 

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