Modcloth is First Retailer to Sign Anti Photoshop Pledge

Modcloth is First Retailer to Sign Anti Photoshop Pledge

Modlcoth Curvy modelsUS vintage-inspired retailer Modcloth, is the first retailer to sign the ‘Truth in Advetising Heroes pledge’, which began after an anti-photoshop ‘Truth in Advertising Bill’ was introduced in March.

The company has promised not to retouch any of the models used in their campaigns and has been using models of all sizes since it was founded in 2002.

Modcloth CampaginTaking the issue of body image even further, the online store is using the hashtag #fashiontruth, to encourage others to promote body confidence, by sharing their natural, untouched photos.

It is an issue not to be taken lightly, as studies by Dove show that 72% of girl are pressured by societal standards of beauty, while only 4% of girls would consider Modcloth Fashion Truththemselves beautiful. Modcloth’s own survey showed that as little as 13% of women think that females are accurately portrayed in fashion.

If more companies like Modcloth could represent realistic and attainable ideals of beauty, I’m sure these statistics wouldn’t remain so depressing. But will truth ever become a trend?

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