More Cries for Help Found in Primark Customer’s Clothes

More Cries for Help Found in Primark Customer’s Clothes

Prmark messageIt appears that since a Primark customer revealed to the press last week that she’d found a cry for help stitched to the lining of her new purchase, more customers are finding similar chilling messages in their recent buys. When Rebecca Gallagher purchased a £10 dress from the Swansea store last Wednesday, she discovered a message inside reading “forced to work exhausting hours”, now two more customers have discovered similar findings.

Primark message


“Degrading sweatshop conditions” reads 21 year old Rebeca Jone’s customer’s note on an item bought from the same Swansea based store, while Karen Wisinska’s label from a pair of trousers she’d purchased but never worn in 2011, is sprawled with the alarming acronym “SOS” followed by a not written in Chinese. She’d only discovered the label last week after hearing of Rebecca’s story.  Jones told the South Wales Evening Post;

“I have no idea who made the label or how it go it there—but it does make you think,” 

Primark ShopperThe message written in Chinese explains how the author works in a prison where inmates are forced to work 15 hours days, describing the process as “like oxen” making clothes and fed worse than pigs and dogs. 

Primark have described these recent findings as”very strange”, stating that Gallagher and Jone’s purchases went on sale over a year ago, while Karen Wisinska’s item was last sold in Ireland in 2009. They are currently holding detailed investigations as to the story behind these messages.

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