Mumbai’s ‘Collage’ House is Made From Recycled Materials

Mumbai’s ‘Collage’ House is Made From Recycled Materials


As a project begun in 2015, S+PSARCHITECTS‘s house in Mumbai is made entirely from recycled materials. Built for a four generation family, the modern collaged structure is a perfect mix of contemporary and traditional design, featuring eccentric mismatched windows, and doors made from demolished city houses, that contrast beautifully with the concrete and polished marble flooring.

sps-architects-collage-house-10-320x213“The project looks at the idea of recycling & collage in several ways, from the very physical – like materials, energy, etc. to the intangible – like history, space & memories.”

sps-architects-collage-house-05-320x213Leftovers of metal pipes form a wall, turning the monsoon season into a contemporary “delight for the senses.” Outside through the central courtyard, a wall is built from cut-waste stone slivers, collected from stone cutting yards. Hundred year old columns, from a dismantled house, add a sense of ethereal nostalgia, to an already very special structure.

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