Neil Young Urges Fans to Boycott Use of Non Organic Cotton

Neil Young Urges Fans to Boycott Use of Non Organic Cotton

Neil Young Organic T-ShirtsRocker Neil Young’s last European tour took place this Summer but fans were left with more than his just his music to think about, as free organic cotton t-shirts were passed around the arena, in support of eco-friendly farming.

A statement on the musician’s website reads

“I’m hoping that when you wear your PROTECT/EARTH T-shirt, you will vow to PROTECT EARTH and to take a stand for EARTH in the ways that you can”

while the t-shirts had the slogan “Equal time for past present Neil Young  Go Family Farmsand future“, written in block letters across the front. During the concert, the musician and environmentalist emphasised the benefits of organic cotton, in comparison to the pesticide, carcinogen-filled, non organic material, which absorbs into crops and water supplies.

“In the U.S., it takes about 1/3 of a pound of pesticides and herbicides to grow enough conventional cotton for just one T-shirt,”

Loyal fans of Young will already be aware of his dedication towards agricultural and ecological causes, including co-founding Farm Aid, an intimate annual concert  that supports family farm centred agriculture, as well as fund raising for Rainforest connection, which helps detect illegal logging and poaching.

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