3D Print App Fabricate Lets You Reinvent Your Clothing

3D Print App Fabricate Lets You Reinvent Your Clothing

Fabricate ModelFabricate is transforming the textile design world, as the new 3D print app allows you to fuse fashion and tech in a way that’s never been done – printing directly onto your clothes.

Whether used in a proffesional setting or from the comfort of your own home, this hi-tech innovative form of accessorising means that you can customise your clothes and re-imagine your wardrobe, when using Cubify’s compatible Cube Desktop 3D printer.

Introducing personalisation by matching colourful filaments and fabrics, this breakthrough fashion app gives you the opportunity to print textiles files in various shapes and colours onto special fabric, which can be sewn onto your clothing to reinvent and modernise your style.

Fabricate Printer

“Announcing the launch of a holistic newdiscipline, connecting breakthroughs in every aspect of fashion design. Pattern-making, textile design–even the filament, the 3D printing material itself–everything is reinvented.”

Fabricate comes in three different printed textile designs, which represent three unique sewing projects. 3D systems will introduce a monthly project which will be available for download, along with the Fabricate packs at Cubify.com


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