New Menswear Label Brothers We Stand Launches in London

New Menswear Label Brothers We Stand Launches in London

Brothers We Stand JacketNew urban menswear company Brothers We Stand is the first of its kind to introduce ethics to youth culture in the form of stylish casual street-wear. For those sceptics, rest assured, this is no clothing company trying to greenwash you into thinking they’re sustainable, they really are the biz. So much so that they’ve even opened up the first ever sustainable photography studio in the UK, for their e-commerce site.

The store will stock the best of ethical menswear labels, including brands like Rapanui as well as their very own designs. The aim is to keep a transparent supply chain, so that customers know exactly where their clothing comes from, and the importance of good quality, sustainable manufacturing.

A stronghold of conscious style, a celebration of creativity and a show of solidarity with the men and women who make our clothes. This is what we’re shooting for. 

Brothers We stand BackpackLaunching today, this is just the beginning of what could be a groundbreaking platform for placing ethical menswear on the map. As it is,menswear falls far behind womenswear in the industry of sustainable fashion, so having an online marketplace like this is a step in the right direction.

Check out their website for top picks of urban and vintage style clothing and accessories. Prices range from £25-£280

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