New Podcast “Conscious Chatter” Shines the Light on Ethical Fashion

New Podcast “Conscious Chatter” Shines the Light on Ethical Fashion

conscious-chatter-2Conscious Chatter is the brainchild of  Kestrel Jenkins, whose new podcast is dedicated to celebrating all things sustainable style. It features a range of expert industry speakers all discussing the importance of conscious fashion, from supply chain transparency, to Fashion Revolution Day.

Jenkins is the founder of AWear World – a platform that inspires us to think about the story behind our clothes, such as how they’re made,what they’re made of, and who made them.

AWEAR WORLD“There’s something intrinsically accessible about audio. It’s easier to tap into a conversation without feeling like you really have to be ‘part of the movement.’ It’s easy to sit on the sidelines & just listen on your own time, without anybody knowing you are. And, that’s somehow more welcoming & less intimidating.”

Introducing a podcast creates a community of like-minded people, enthusiastic about fair fashion, wether it’s being more conscious, as a consumer, or learning the ins and outs of starting your own sustainable business. It’s the listeners choice to tune in, so they decide how involved they get.

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