New Zealand Brand Lonely Says Feel Comfortable in the Skin You’re in

New Zealand Brand Lonely Says Feel Comfortable in the Skin You’re in

Lonely Body ImageNew Zealand underwear brand Lonely is dedicated to spreading a positive body image. For its SS16 campaign, its message to consumers is to simply feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. Hiring models with various body types, Lonely wants to celebrate the diversity of the human shape and form, by going against the typical photoshopped style used in campaign images and look books.

This means body hair, birth marks and everything else that is unique to us as individuals, is showcased in this collection  and is intended to express a strong anti sexualisation message, to promote nudity as natural.

“For women who wear lingerie as a love letter to themselves.”

Lonely SS16Founded by women for women, the campaign titled ‘Jessie’, stars models Paloma Elsesser ad ArvidaByström, who are both positive body image activists, who want to change traditional notions of beauty standards.

“You get to the point that you need more than just a pretty face. Paloma & Arvida are such perfect role models for woman today. As well as being totally stunning they are such inspiring people with what they do, & the energy they possess is really powerful. They are the muses of today & the future.”

Lonely SS16 2The campaign has an intimate feel to relate to its customers, and is represented as if looking at a personal photo album, rather than the typical glossy spread. No doubt there’ll be conflicting views about this subject, but if its helping young girls to feel less pressure to live up to impossible standards, then hey – that’s good enough for us!


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