Nike Debuts Waterless ‘ColourDry’ Technology Shirts

Nike Debuts Waterless ‘ColourDry’ Technology Shirts

Nike tickEarlier in the year Nike introduced waterless colourdyeing, a process that drastically reduces the quantity of resources needed to dye a fabric. It takes as much as 30 litres of water to water-dye just one t-shirt, and this environmentally friendly alternative is just what Nike needs if they want to become a more socially conscious brand. 

“ColorDry Polo delivers brilliant colors with minimal environmental impact.”

RedPolo_preview (2)The streetwear clothing giant has teamed up with Netherlands based company Dyecoo Textile Systems, to create a range of six brightly toned classic polo shirts, which were released on the 12th June at their online store. The intense colouring is a result of pressurised, recycled carbon dioxide that saturates the fabric, giving it its bold, rich hue, while the material consists of 100% recycled polyester and plastic bottles. Known as Dri-FIT technology,  no water or added chemicals are needed.

Since 2010, Nike has diverted more than two billion bottles from landfills, enough to cover over 3,500 full-sized soccer pitches.

Nike have future plans to expand this new process to other materials. Find out more at



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