‘Not My Style’ App Helps Consumers Shop Consciously

‘Not My Style’ App Helps Consumers Shop Consciously

Not My Style DiagramThe ‘Not my Style‘ app wants to make it easy for shoppers to make choices about their clothing purchases. Currently a Kikstarter project, the sustainable fashion app is there to give you the information about how much your favourite fashion brands share about the men and women behind their designs. How transparent is your favourite high street store’s supply chain? Are the garments ethically sourced?

“Today, the lead time from a high street designer’s sketchbook to your wardrobe is mere weeks. More clothes, faster & cheaper: fast fashion. It seems like an efficient system, until you stop to think about who makes your clothes.”

Not My Style WorkersWith 97% of our clothes made by female garment factory workers overseas, (a huge industry of over 40 million workers) – it is them that ends up paying the true cost for our low prices. In a world bombarded by fast fashion outlets, how do we know what brands are treating their workers fairly?

Not My Style makes it easy for us to make decisions about our next purchase. By using their simple ranking system, a green light means shop, while an amber light means think and a red means stop. On the location map, a star will appear wherever there are great ethical high street stores to choose from. If the information leaves you disheartened about your favourite places to shop, the app allows integration into social media, so you can voice your concerns, straight to the retailer.

Not my Style LogoSome labels are doing their bit to promote transparency in their supply chains, while others are still looking the other way when it comes to responsible sourcing. But at least we as consumers can make more better, informed decisions, thanks to apps like Not my Style that provide the data we need when it comes to shopping fairly.

If you’d like to see the app on your smart phone in the near future, you can back the project here.


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