Nudie Jeans Unveils Upcycled ‘Denim Maniacs’ Collection

Nudie Jeans Unveils Upcycled ‘Denim Maniacs’ Collection

Swedish fashion label Nudie Jeans are taking their denim expertise to new levels, with their latest project ‘Denim Maniacs’. Rather than see the denim discarded in landfill sites to the detriment of our environment, the innovative sustainable jeans brand has transformed 2,700 pairs of used Nudie designs into camper seats and textured rugs.

Nudie Jeans Chair 2

 Nudie Jeans Rug

Nudie are no strangers to the art upcycling, and their handcraft skills are demonstrated in a one-off limited edition collection of 250 camper seats and 275 rugs, which saw 90% of the jeans recycled. 

“Our Denim Maniacs projects seek to find new use for old, worn-out Nudie Jeans denim. The goal is to be able to recycle every bit and piece of the jean.”

The shredded in and out seams give a retro, Scandinavian aesthetic from blue, brown, grey and black rinsed denim. Leftover components such as buttons and clasps are to be saved for use in upcoming projects. Find out more here.

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