One to Watch: Hana Mitsui

One to Watch: Hana Mitsui

Hana Mistui 2

Inspired by traditional south american ikat textiles, Royal College of Art graduate, Hanna Mitsui, adopts a special ancient Japanese technique known as Sakiori – the weaving of patterns from printed fabrics.

Having just completed a degree and MA in the field of textile design, Mitsui’s Graduation project 2014 is her first body of work in which she really got to explore and incorporate her upcycling expertise, using fabric waste as a means to practice more sustainable ways of working.

Hana Mitsui 3“I innovated the way to utilize the waste materials and created original yarns out of waste.”

Mitsui’s latest designs won her the ‘Visionary Process’ Award at the Sustain RCA 2014 show earlier this moth, for her innovative fusion of cultural weaving traditions and modern femininity.

Her signature fringe Hana Mitsui 4detailing technique was first used in the mid 18th-20th centuries, where the fabric was shredded  into thin strips, ultimately producing an entirely new cloth – essential for times when resources where scarce.

Mitsui manages to take the art of weaving and create a bohemian, more contemporary aesthetic to her designs.




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