Online Platform ‘Just’ Traces the Journey Behind Our Clothes

Online Platform ‘Just’ Traces the Journey Behind Our Clothes

Just SuppliersFashion transparency project Just aims to open our eyes to the real origins of our clothes. Do we know anything about the people involved in getting them from factory to retailer? Are they treated fairly? Can we identify the garment factories and faces that worked to weave and sew and even plant the cotton that produced our favourite t-shirt? If most stores don’t, us as consumers certainly won’t.

As a partner of Fashion Revolution Day what Just aims to do is provide a trusted supplier service so clothing retailers can know every aspect of their supply chain – from farm to factory and more. Most importantly, stores who seek suppliers from Just will have the comfort of knowing that no exploitation was involved in the production of their goods. Every movement within their supply chain will be traceable, ensuring an eco-friendly system free from overworked and underpaid workers.

Just ScanCo-founders Shahd Al-Shehail and Natalie Grillon have also included a service for conscious consumers who can also get involved  and discover the journey behind their clothes by scanning their Just approved garment tags when they buy a Just approved item.

You can also join the movement using the hashtag #supplierrevolution

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