Panama Introduces the World’s First Recycled Plastic Village

Panama Introduces the World’s First Recycled Plastic Village


Today is Earth Day, and what better to celebrate the importance of preserving our planet, then the news of an entire village made from recycled plastic bottles! The sustainability project is taking place in Isla Colón in Bocas Del Toro, Panama, with the help of local architects who are building a community of 120 eco houses. Project founder Robert Bezaeu wanted to preserve the island’s surroundings, keeping plastic waste and toxic chemicals away from landfill sites. 

“We are changing the world, without changing the Earth, one home at a time”

Plastic-bottle-village-7-1020x610 Plastic-bottle-village-5-1020x610

Situated on 83 acres of tropical jungle, the homes will be built on a foundation of steel cages,which will be filled with recycled plastic bottles and covered in a layer of concrete. The team scoured beaches and roadsides for discarded PET bottles, and last year, the first two-bedroom home built, recycled a staggering 10,000 plastic bottles. The plastic even provides cost effective insulation, managing to keep the interior of each house 17 degrees cooler than outside. Not only that,but three models have been designed, and all have sufficient flexibility to be earthquake resistant.

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