Patrycja Guzik Wins Ecochic Design Award 2016

Patrycja Guzik Wins Ecochic Design Award 2016

Patrycja GuzikThe results of the zero waste fashion competition Ecochic Design Award 2016 were announced yesterday, with Polish stylist and graphic designer Patrycja Guzik’s work based on the theme of ‘heaven as a place on earth’ earning her first place. Using second hand garments and damaged textiles, Guzik uses the technique of upcycling and reconstruction, to create a tufted, jacket and trousers.

“To me, sustainable fashion means living in balance: we need to slow down consumption & stop creating new, new, new. We need to change our thinking around clothes & more designers need to show consumers that we are able to make beautiful clothes using old clothes & damaged textiles.”

Patrycja Guzik CoatShowing the stark contrast between fast fashion and high quality craftsmanship, Guzik hand weaved the textiles and unraveled the second hand garments, which she sourced from fabric wholesalers and second hand stores in Cracow.

 As the first place winner, Guzik will go on to create a capsule collection for Shanghai Tang, using upcycled garments.

Runner up Cora Maria from Spain, was awarded second place prize of receiving mentorship from sustainable fashion advocate Orsola De Castro.

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