Fashion Revolution Day: #Insideout

Fashion Revolution Day: #Insideout

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Using the hashtag #Insideout, we ask on Fashion Revolution Day today – “who made our clothes?” It’s exactly one year today when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed, in Dhaka Bangladesh, killing over 1,100 garment workers. It was the result of mass production, cheap fast labour that bargain retailers like Primark rely on – mixed with a corrupt Bangladeshi government. Fashion Revolution Day wants us to connect with our clothes – from the very hands that made them to the cotton farmers and individuals who are exploited in order to stay in work. 

Snapping this photo of one of our outfits, the shirt was bought on eBay, and the denim jacket is from Pull & Bear, but we don’t know the true origins of our clothes (the people who made them –  the factory workers and farmers), until we probe the retailers ourselves and push for a more transparent supply chain.

Let’s get clued up! This isn’t anti fashion. This is advocating fair fashion.

Who made your clothes? Get involved and join the revolution! 

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