Project Just Lets You Learn the Story Behind Your Clothes

Project Just Lets You Learn the Story Behind Your Clothes

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Launched in December, Project Just is the latest in digital fashion platforms and apps to fly the flag for sustainable, transparent style. How many of us really know where our clothes were made and who made them? In today’s fast paced, cheap clothing industry, most factory workers are paying the unjust price for our favourite brand’s low costs.

Founders Natalie Grillon and Shahd AlShehail want to show you conscious consumers how you can make informed choices and shop positively, from stylish, yet fair 

labels that use ethical manufacturing practices.

Porject Just Quote

“Project Just lets you learn, ask and share the stories behind your clothes.”

Simply search your favourite brands, and let Project Just analyse how ethical or unethical they are, so you an learn more about the story of your clothes. You can even find out which brands are #justapproved, for “a curated list of  innovative brands who move the industry in the right direction.”

As the spotlight continues to shine on sustainable style, we can challenge the status quo and #Bethechange

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