Reet Aus Designs: A Small Carbon Footprint, A Giant Leap for Upcycling

Reet Aus Designs: A Small Carbon Footprint, A Giant Leap for Upcycling

Environmentalist Reet Aus has a PHD in sustainable design, her own eco-friendly clothing line, and is pretty much single-handedly initiating the introduction of upcycling on a mass scale.

I recently discovered the estonian entrepreneur while listening to the Ethical Fashion forum’s Source Expo yesterday. Aus works with her close knit team of three to work on projects that will reduce the amount of textile waste in mass clothing production.

Our joint case studies and calculations show that upcycling has the potential to reduce ~50-65% of all the production waste.

Reet’s latest work, which is currently looking for funding, is inspired by a recent trip to Bangladesh, where her mission was to produce a t-shirt with the world’s smallest carbon footprint. Enter the up-shirt. The up-shirt is produced using leftover fabric waste which drastically reduces the damaging impact that production places on the environment by as much as 80%.

By partnering with Bangladeshi factory Beximco,which manufactures for many big name brands, Reet Aus is able to keep the upcycle movement moving. This is a huge step forward for bringing sustainable fashion to the masses.

Reet Aus MenReet Aus Up-Shirt

 The Reet Aus SS14 collection (which is said to save a mammoth 78% water and 86% less CO2 emissions per each new garment), fuses relaxed modern styles, with neutral colour palettes for both men and women.  Each garment has a label which breaks down the percentage of resources saved, so you know exactly how sustainable each piece is.  View the full collection here

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