Reformation to Introduce New Affordable Diffusion Line

Reformation to Introduce New Affordable Diffusion Line

U.S Sustainable clothing brand Reformation is to introduce a more affordable fashion line this year, to be called ‘Obvious’. The styles will be considerably cheaper, with prices ranging from $28-$178, rather than $80-$330 as in the main clothing line.

Reformation Obvious

 Reformation Obvious 3


This lower price range will fit in with the likes of other popular retailers such as J.Crew and Gap, heating up the competition and drawing in younger crowds.

Reformation Obvious 2“We’re trying to have a broader assortment of clothing so that different types of people — that can afford different things or want different things from their clothes — have a place to come.”

The collection follows the style of their main line, offering an array of flowy silhouettes, retro inspired looks, but with some casual pieces too. Cut out designs and high waisted jeans make up the everyday outfits, while some full length evening pieces give an on trend balance of day to night styles that can be mixed and matched.


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