ReWrap Introduces 100% Compostable  Tree Bag

ReWrap Introduces 100% Compostable Tree Bag

ReWrap Bag LargeMaking its debut at Dutch Design Week 2015, is the Tree Bag by charitable recycled accessories company ReWrap. Made from natural fibres, it is 100% compostable and also waterproof. The company’s cradle to cradle ethos means that every item designed returns to the earth eventually.

The minimal, unisex design is made within a small, ethical workshop that employs a team of people with disabilities, who have struggled to find work elsewhere. The rusty, earthy brown finish is made using pressed coconut husks, which naturally resist water, while the inside of the bag is made from a sun-dried natural rubber and the handle from a walnut tree.

When the bag has come to the end of its use, it will return to the earth as a natural fertiliser, causing no harm to the environment, and cutting out consumer waste.

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