RIO 2016 Medals Celebrate Nature & Sustainability

RIO 2016 Medals Celebrate Nature & Sustainability



The Olympic games are drawing ever closer, and as the athletes prepare, nearly 2,500 gold and silver medals for Rio 2016 will be ready to award them. This year however, their designs will celebrating nature and sustainability, as 500g gold, silver and bronze medals have been made with ethics and the environment in mind.



The design will reflect the relationship between the strengths of olympians, with the forces of nature, as the athlete who wins gold will stand to receive their medal made without the use of mercury, while the bronze and silver medals include 30% recycled materials.


u_vlupbPAlso made using sustainable materials will be the medal’s cases, which are manufactured from certified sustainable wood. Not only that, but the elegant, understated design is not as understated as it first appears. When shaken the tiny device inside lets out a noise for visually impaired athletes in the Paralympics.

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