Salmon Skin Furniture Highlights Issue of Fish Waste

Salmon Skin Furniture Highlights Issue of Fish Waste


Sea Me RugThe fishing and seafood industry leads to a huge amount of waste each year, and Delft based designer Nienke Hoogvliet wants to raise awareness on this issue, through contemporary innovative design.

Presented during Dutch Design Week, RE-SEA ME is the second part of Hoogvliet’s project SEA ME, which  sees the artist use salmon skin as a sustainable alternative to leather. Scouring fish shops, Hoogvliet collected the waste, and found an eco-friendly way to tan them, without the use of any chemicals.

She then hand scaled each fish, oiling, hanging and drying the metallic, gradient coloured skin. Finally, demonstrating the abilities of this new, naturally textured leather, Hoogvliet stretched the salmon skin across a stool chair frame, to create a strong, flexible cover. 

She also designed a conceptual rug, where the fish leather is interwoven with a recycled fishing net. Her aim was to show the contrast between plastic waste and the beauty of the ocean’s own natural resources.

Salmon Skin ChairSalmon Stool Close Up

Vegan friendly fish skin leather is growing increasingly popular in the ethical fashion industry, with big fashion houses such as Prada Dior and Nike incorporating the material into their luxury designs.

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