Top Sustainable Moments of 2014

Top Sustainable Moments of 2014

There’s been so many game changing ideas and positive news within the world of sustainable design lately, but what was you favourite moment of 2014?

Wonderluk is 1st Online Store for Customised 3D Print Accessories

Wonderluk Main

Last month, Uk startup 3d print fashion label Wonderluk introduced itself as the World’s first online destination for customisable 3D printed accessories. Wonderluk’s statement avant-garde designs are affordable and made to order within just 2 weeks.

The Highstreet Boycots Angora

H&M Angora Lana Del Rey

After a PETA investigation brought to light the harsh treatment rabbits face when extracting their fur for angora wool, H&M and soon the rest of the highstreet decided to stop selling it in their stores. There was a momentary blip when FCUK decided to go back on their word, but that was soon stopped when they were accused of hypocrisy in their AW14 campaign.

The Arrival of Fairphone in the UK

Fairphone UK


The world’s first ever ethical smartphone made from conflict free materials arrived in the UK in October this year. The phone is sold exclusively to the Phone Co-op, which is the UK’s only consumer owned phone operator.

Cambodia’s Garment Industry Raises Minimum Wage

Cambodian Garment Workers

After months of strikes cambodian garment workers finally saw a positive outcome  from their strength of unity, as the minimum wage was raised by 28% to £80. Although this a positive step forward, the government failed to meet protestor’s needs of a 40% pay rise.

Nike Introduces World’s First 100% Recycled Footy Shoe

Nike Recycled Cleat

In December, Nike unveiled their new football cleat – the Vapour Untouchable, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The shoe incorporates Nike’s waste reducing flyknit technology and is Nike’s first 100% recycled shoe.

Sweden Introduces World’s First 100% Recycled Cotton Dress

Sweden recycled Cotton Dress

In September, Sweden introduced the world’s first 100% recycled cotton garment, using tech that drastically reduces the industry’s carbon footprint. Clothing and textile company Re: Newcell uses a process that recycles old cotton clothes and transforms them into pulp, which is then turned into rayon fibres.

Kering Group Supports Sustainable Design at London College of Fashion

fashion students

Major Fashion conglomerate Kering Group made a bid to support sustainable design at the London College of Fashion earlier this year. Students will be supported by a £31,500 grant which will go towards funding the teaching of ethical design and the use of sustainable fabrics.

RCA Introduces World’s First Sustainable Leather Alternative

Leather Alternative 1

Sourced from the leaves of pineapples and natural fibres, this vegan alternative to real leather was founded by company Ananas Anram and RCA grad Carmen Hijosa. No fertilisers or water energy needed!

Fashion Revolution Day 

Fash Rev Day

Using the hashtag #insideout brought much awareness to the question “Who made our clothes?“, as Fashion Revolution Day on the 24th April saw people all across social media remembering those who died at the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh. It was a day of thinking towards a more sustainable future, as well as encouraging a more socially conscious way to think about our clothing purchases.

Many events were held across London and the UK, from clothes swaps to inspiring talks from industry leaders and innovators. People across the country posted their outfits inside out to show the importance of knowing the journey of our clothes.


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