Sustainable Spotlight: A Mechanical Mind

Sustainable Spotlight: A Mechanical Mind

A Mechanical Mind

As the grandson of a railwayman and the son of a gearhead, it seems inevitable that Chicago based artist Justin Gershenson-Gates, AKA A Mechanical Mind, would somehow follow in his family’s footsteps. Discovering a passion for disassembling toys as a young child, Justin naturally developed a flare for recreating toys using his innovative imagination.  Now, as a successful businessman, Justin’s brainchild, A Mechanical Mind, creates beautiful sculptures and jewellery using recycled watch parts.

A Mechanical Mind Dragonfly


Justin states on his website that he is influenced by ethereal beauty. The tough exterior of the sculptures, combined with their highly detailed parts, give them the air of a twisted fairytale – the fairytale of Justin’s childhood obsession brought to life.

“My aim is to show the beauty of the mechanical world, a place generally hidden from the public behind metal and glass. My pieces display the more delicate and ephemeral side of gears, rather than the cold, hard factory feel they normally portray.”

A Mechanical Mind Creepy Crawly

 A Mechanical Mind FlyCheck out his Etsy store here



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