Sustainable Spotlight: Aoshii Designs

Sustainable Spotlight: Aoshii Designs

ATTYRE took a trip to Camden market on the weekend and came across many interesting sustainable and independent labels, from upcycled vinyl clocks, to recycled furniture – but one particular label that stood out was Aoshii.

Aoshii DIisplay Aoshii Necklaces

Inspired by japanese culture and handcraft, Aoshii sells handmade Japanese jewellery and bookmarks featuring unique gold leaf designs. Each design is made from Japanese washi paper, which derives from plant fibres. The jewellery is folded in delicate origami styles and coated in varnish. Other pieces include bamboo.


The technique of Origami goes back centuries in Japanese history, with legendary tales such as folding 1000 origami cranes will  bring good luck by having a crane grant you a wish in return.

Aoshii Exhibit


Founded in November 2014, the upcoming label regularly displays in Camden Lock , so definitely go check it out and watch this space for more unique and handmade goodies!…

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