Sustainable Spotlight: Article 22 Peacebomb Jewellery

Sustainable Spotlight: Article 22 Peacebomb Jewellery

Named after the universal declaration of human rights, fair trade jewellery label Article 22  specialises in the use of conflict related metals to produce standout contemporary designs.

Working with artisans in Laos, (the most heavily bombed country in history), founder Elizabeth Suda wanted to extract beauty from issues that aren’t so pretty.

Article 22 Model Article 22

Using traditional methods, Suda transforms these conflict materials such as bullets and scrap metal, into something positive and precious – to be worn as a hopeful symbol of transformation and peace.

Article 22 Peacebomb

The first collection, Peacebomb, is produced from materials sourced from the Vietnam war. Not only does the collection showcase stunning simple styles that complement all types of looks, but each piece helps to demine unexploded bombs around Laos.

Article 22 Bullet



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