Sustainable Spotlight: Baskets of Africa

Sustainable Spotlight: Baskets of Africa

Baskets of Africa ArtisanSupporting African weavers, Baskets of Africa is a zero waste fair trade organisation that helps give local artisans a platform, by employing them to make vibrant, woven baskets in traditional african styles.

“You are not only getting a wonderful, handmade basket for your home or business, you are also contributing to the preservation of African culture & helping a craftsperson become financially independent.”

Baskets of AfricaThe smooth sturdy structure of each design is because the baskets are made from discarded telephone wires, which are woven together. The zulu wire pot, for example, is created by tightly weaving coated wire around it, and actually breaking the pot to remove it from the new wire pit created from its template.

Founder Cael Chappell was inspired by the artistry of traditional african basket weaving, and decided to make it his goal to help provide weavers with a platform to hone in their skills, while keeping the beauty of woven basketry alive.

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