Sustainable Spotlight: Behno

Sustainable Spotlight: Behno

Behno 2Sustainable fashion label Behno was founded on the principle of revolutionising the garment industry in India. Inspired by a trip to Gujurat when researching women’s health, founder Shivam Punjya was blown away by the hand-made textiles contrasting with the poor way garment workers were treated in the factories.

The women, (which are 90% of the workforce in garment factories), earn less than £1 a day for producing stunning hand-Behno Standardspun and woven garments in terrible working conditions. So when the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangadesh happened, killing over 1,100 workers, it acted as a catalyst for Shivam to prevent a similar tragedy occurring in India.

Partnering with non profit Muni Seva Ashram in rural Gujurat, Shivam worked hard to create and build a factory that would meet ethical standards and help to empower women. A “Behno Standard” was introduced, where ‘made in India’ would mean high quality goods and fair trade practices for employees.

Behno 3Shivam states on Behno’s website that the mission is to;

“To set a new standard for manufacturing for India’s garment trade that revolutionizes the way garment workers are treated, viewed, and employed.”

The Behno standard falls into six categories, ultimately, to reinvent the meaning of ‘made in India.’ AW15 is a collection focused on structured tailored pieces, androgynous silhouettes and refined minimalism.

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