Sustainable Spotlight: Birdsong London

Sustainable Spotlight: Birdsong London

Birdsong LookbookAt ATTYRE our purpose is to seek out labels and brands with a sustainable and innovative vision, that combine ethics with aesthetics in exciting ways. Birdsong London not only fits this criteria, but it offers eclectic and affordable styles – which can be tricky to find as a conscious consumer on a limited budget!

Birdsong BraceletFounded in August, Birdsong is the brainchild of Sarah Beckett, Sophie Slater and Ruba Huleihel, three twenty-something Londoners, who were growing tired with the way the industry treats women – from sweatshop garment workers, to stick thin models. With the aim to empower through fashion, Sophie, Sarah and Ruba set out to create a shopping outlet that promotes fair business, with clothing and accessories made in the UK, with a distinct London meets boho aesthetic.


“No sweatshops. No Photoshop. Just unique clothing made with love by exceptional women’s groups.”

Birdson womanAt Birdsong, giving back to struggling communities is the very ethos of the company. Each label given a platform on their website has an intriguing story to tell. From some really cool older ladies who make knitwear, to women recovering from addictions and eating disorders who are turning their lives around, while discovering a talent for jewellery design. There are even artisanal statement bags made by women in Malawi.

Birdsong Chec SkirtSo much of fashion is about personality and individuality, but with today’s cheap and fast industry, we’ve lost the true meaning of quality and value. Birdsong changes all that, ensuring styles with purpose. Pieces that you can treasure for their outer and inner beauty, while each purchase is a step towards a fairer industry .

To follow their journey and stay up to date on their latest goings on, visit their facebook page.


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