Sustainable Spotlight: Canned Goods

Sustainable Spotlight: Canned Goods

12744531_461376197386346_2577016460476681992_nAt ATTYRE, we never get tired of seeing new ways to repurpose old and unused items. Canned Goods is exactly what it says on the tin – excuse the pun! The Colorado based jewellery label specialises in transforming old metal tin cans into refined, gold statement pieces.

Established in 2013, founder Thomas Althaus set up the business to show that trash can be transformed and nothing is ever really ‘rubbish’, as long as we have a fun and open imagination.

12644904_458001071057192_8165206351399539205_nAs a sustainable and socially conscious business, the company is run using a “Can Do Good” program, which means that when a customer purchases a piece of jewellery, , one canned food item will be donated to charity.

I bet you’ll be thinking twice now before you throw out your baked bean tins! They also do bookmark and cufflink designs, so be sure to check out the full collection on the Etsy store.

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