Sustainable Spotlight: Dahea Sun ‘Rain Palette’ Clothing

Sustainable Spotlight: Dahea Sun ‘Rain Palette’ Clothing

Dahea Sun CollectionCentral Saint Martins student Dahea Sun is fashioning science in the form of contemporary evening dresses that change colour according to the weather. Inspired by human reactions to natural events and a visit to South Korea, Dahea’s ‘Rain Palette’ collection is based on material exploration with natural red cabbage dye, using properties that alter colour by PH levels in the rain.

“This project aims to provide an at-a-glance indication of atmospheric air quality, with the potential for wearers to record & upload rain pH readings online to create a global database of real-time environmental data.”

Dahea Rain PaletteTo create these looks, Dahea incorporated traditional craftsmanship such as knitting, crochet and embroidery with scientific textiles that alter each design from red to purple, to blue, depending on PH levels in the air.

In South Korea, fears of acid radiation rain stem from a nuclear power point explosion caused by a devastating earthquake in Japan in 2011. Dahea’s visit to Korea was the motivating force behind her designs, inspiring her to learn about monitoring air quality and the importance of climate change and how it effects our ecosystems.

“Sustainability is in everything we do and in everything we wear in real life, eco fashion is the cutting-edge trend and the future.”

Rain Palette

Using striking visuals, Dahea effectively shows the condition of air through  rainwater.


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