Sustainable Spotlight: Day 22 Boutique

Sustainable Spotlight: Day 22 Boutique

Day 22 Boutique BagAs we see a rise in ethical and sustainable design, some fantastic online communities have emerged, as ATTYRE shines the spotlight on Day 22 Boutique – an online platform run by three generations of family members that believe in authentic style designed to make the world a better place.

Living by a quality over quantity ethos, the U.S based Boutique covers all areas of sustainable style, allowing you to shop designs by the categories; hand made, made in the US, recycled, vegan, organic, charitable and non toxic.

“Our ‘kind’ boutique experience is about slowly changing the way we consume products because we would rather have fewer items that are special than have closet full of ‘not that great.”

Boutique 22 Skincare

For the conscious consumer, here you’ll find the opposite of fast fashion – from intricate handwoven bags, to hand crafted jewellery and rich, organic soy wax candles. The website even tells you where your item was made and what group of people will benefit from your purchase. If you’reinterested in finding out why fast fashion has a damaging social impact, read Day 22’s blog here, explaining all the facts.

You can follow their updates at Blog 22, where you can discover how to make delicious gluten free meals, to how to build a capsule wardrobe. Make sure to check it out because the website offers some great advice for anyone interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle.


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