Sustainable Spotlight: Discovered

Sustainable Spotlight: Discovered

Discovered clutchUsing business as a force for good, Discovered is an online platform celebrating the unique aesthetic of handmade accessories from across the globe.

Founder Gisjbert Van Der Sleen had the idea to help skilled entrepreneurs who cannot afford it, to showcase their designs and achieve a fair profit from their sales.

By setting up a digital marketplace, Gisjbert has created a community where hand craft and fair trade professionals can come together and thrive. The concept not only helps artisans make a fair and decent living, but it gives the consumer a personal connection to the product, as they discover the story behind the label.

Discovered tassell earringsDiscovered Necklace

“By giving you the opportunity to connect with that fantastic designer from Indonesia or that talented silversmith from India, we shorten the supply chain & enable artisans from all around the world to sell their products directly to you.”

Each design you see on Discover has been handmade with love by natural or recycled materials, using traditional artisan techniques not found on your nearest high street. Find a piece of culture in every design and be inspired by real artistry.


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