Sustainable Spotlight: Ecopal Pencils

Sustainable Spotlight: Ecopal Pencils

EcopalWith the slogan “No trees are harmed in the making“, Ecopal colour pencils are wood free and biodegradable, with each package and individual pencils themselves telling a unique story about where their life began.

Kuala Lumpa based artist Katherin Honesta wanted to incorporate recycling techniques through zero waste design, as each colour has been reinvented from discarded consumer waste.

Ecopal Colour PencilsConnecting the buyer with the product in a fun, personal way, Katherin characterises each pencil with a speech bubble, as one pencil’s message reads “I was once a milk carton”, while another states “I was a potato chips pack.”

We would love to see this product in the shops, however right now it is just a packaging project with a lot of promise!

Check out Katherins profile on Behance.

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