Sustainable Spotlight: EthicallyClothed.Com

Sustainable Spotlight: EthicallyClothed.Com

Based in Brighton, Ethically Clothed is an online hub for all things ethical fashion, showcasing the best in sustainable style. It poses one important question that is thankfully brought up more and more these days; “People see what you wear, what would they say if they saw where it came from?”

Ethically Sourced Jewellery

“For me this is vital, sure a nice pair of shoes is great but if someone was exploited or even enslaved to produce them then they lose their shine and make you complicit in their unethical creation.”


Ethically Clothed Bomber

Founder Doug Gardner wanted to create a platform for companies and designers to promote their businesses and put the sustainable clothing community on the map. The main aim: to increase awareness of the importance of where our wares come from. The way it works is that designers are hand picked for their ethical values and high quality pieces.  From hand crafted clothing, to jewellery and ‘nightware’.

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