Faber Futures’ Stunning Scarves Are Screen Printed With Living Bacteria

Faber Futures’ Stunning Scarves Are Screen Printed With Living Bacteria

Faber Futures 2The idea that bacteria can be used to create something aesthetically beautiful is a farfetched one to most of us, but Faber Futures founder Natsai Audrey Chieza is out to prove us wrong. As a ‘design futurist’, London based Chieza is the first to create stunning abstract printed silk textiles, which have been designed using microbes found in soil.

Her experimental bacterial printed scarves are made using traditional screen printing, while the silk is folded in an origami fashion, as pigment secreted by the bacteria sinks into the fabric and spreads to create an unusual mirrored print that develops over a number of days.

“The aim of this project was to explore the promising future applications of a sustainable nano-engineered material that is able to self assemble and replicate.” 

Faber Futures Screen PrintingThe bacteria is experimented with and manipulated to produce various aesthetic outcomes, such as altering the natural PH balance and incubation temperature. 

“The project is driven by the theory that harnessing living systems—from biomimicry to synthetic biology could lead to a more resilient future,”

Not only is the result eye-catching and visually beautiful, but each piece of silk holds and represents a scientific wonder -the seven day journey of bacteria, and the endless capabilities of the natural world.

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