Sustainable Spotlight: Fikay

Sustainable Spotlight: Fikay

Aaaron Fikay22 year old British graduate Aaron Jones decided to start his own business after being inspired by his gap year experiences in Cambodia and India, where he taught as a Primary School teacher in Rajasthan. 

After seeing first hand how some kids were denied access to schooling through no fault of their own, and waste mismanagement was a major issue, Fikay Fashion was born in 2010.

Fikay Bag 1With the help of a Cambodian market seller, Aaron began designing his own fair trade bags and accessories using recycled materials such as cement bags. Local artisans help make his designs come to life, producing the products from their own homes. Since then, Fikay has supported Cambodian, Ugandan and Rwandan locals, with workshops and collaborations with NGO’s to help build schools.

Fikay Worker


Fikay earnings currently contribute towards The Mustard Seed school in Cambodia, and each time you buy a product, a number of bricks will be donated to a project of your choice, which you select through their ecommerce site.

Which style would you choose?

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